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D12d0x34X works as an information security researcher in France. His areas of interest include malware and web application development.

Analyzing Stealth Malware

Advanced malware employs many hiding techniques in order to evade anti-virus measures and to deceive the victim. Trojans come in the form of bound executables in a legitimate application […]


Understanding Windows Internal Call Structure

Microsoft Windows is a modular architecture. Windows Components are split into smaller pieces known as DLL (Dynamic-Link Library) and sys files (system files). These DLL or system files are […]


From Unpacking to Communication Analysis

Malwares are usually packed with custom packers, which make static and dynamic analysis difficult. Some of the static analysis tools do not work on packed samples because packed is […]


Anti-debugging and Anti-VM techniques and anti-emulation

These days malware is becoming more advanced. Malware Analysts use lots of debugging software and applications to analyze malware and spyware. Malware authors use some techniques to detect the […]

InfoSec Institute Interview: Sumit Sharma

Sumit Sharma happens to be the co-founder of Ethical Hacking forum, Hackers Garage.

Sumit recently gave talk at NullCon Goa entitled “Capturing Zero-Day Information”, by leveraging on honeypots.

So Sumit […]

binary code

Executable Code Injection


Code injection is a process of injecting executable code in a running process or static executable. Executable code in web applications can be injected by exploiting them with XSS […]