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Coder Geek is a freelance application developer. A graduate in computer science, he has experience in application development and researching the security side of application development.

Securing Your Java Code, Part 3 of 3

Sensitive Data Exposure

A web application is vulnerable if it does not store sensitive information like password, bank details, personal user information encrypted inside the data storage or database. A […]


Securing Your Java Code: Part 2 of 3

SQL Injection

SQL injection occurs when a user sends malicious data to an interpreter as an SQL query. The attacker sends simple text-based attacks that exploit the targeted interpreter. An […]


Securing Your Java Code: Part 1 of 3

Introduction to Java

Java technology is widely used. The questions arise: What is java? Where it is used?

Java is a programming language. It is used to make web applications, mobile […]