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Coder Geek is a freelance application developer. A graduate in computer science, he has experience in application development and researching the security side of application development.

Parameterized SQL Query over Dynamic SQL Query

What is Parameterized SQL Query? It is used for better performance, high efficiency and prevention of SQL injection vulnerability. Before going further, let us have a brief introduction to […]


Defense-in-Depth: Layered Protection and Data Security

Application vulnerability is caused when a developer fails to sanitize the input from user and blindly uses it as an input for further data processing. One of the major […]


Securing Your Java Code, Part 3 of 3

Sensitive Data Exposure

A web application is vulnerable if it does not store sensitive information like password, bank details, personal user information encrypted inside the data storage or database. A […]


Securing Your Java Code: Part 2 of 3

SQL Injection

SQL injection occurs when a user sends malicious data to an interpreter as an SQL query. The attacker sends simple text-based attacks that exploit the targeted interpreter. An […]


Securing Your Java Code: Part 1 of 3

Introduction to Java

Java technology is widely used. The questions arise: What is java? Where it is used?

Java is a programming language. It is used to make web applications, mobile […]