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Chris Stoneff oversees product management, quality assurance and technical support at Lieberman Software, and is responsible for meeting the real-world needs of the company’s customers. With over 15 years of systems administration, consulting, training, and product management experience, Mr. Stoneff is instrumental in guiding the development of the Lieberman Software products portfolio. An accomplished consultant and technical trainer, he has taught thousands of administrators on fundamental and advanced concepts of Windows management and security concepts and key technologies.

Shellshock Security Flaw Puts Spotlight on Open Source Vulnerability

Several months after the Heartbleed OpenSSL flaw made news as one of the most serious Internet security breaches ever, the open source community once again scrambled to patch another […]

IT Security 101: Prevent Weak Passwords

Passwords have been part of IT since long before the age of the desktop PC. However, now more than ever, systems administrators need to re-examine their password security policies […]