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About the Author:

Bhavesh is a Certified Ethical Hacker and Security + certified. Currently, he is pursuing Final year BSc in Information Technology. The upcoming goal for him is CISSP. He is interested in cyber forensics, pentesting, information security. He wishes to do his Masters in Information Security in upcoming years.

Tracking User Activities Using Web Bugs



We live in a world where we’re connected to each other by a mouse click and a few keystrokes. It’s a revolution that changed the way we live our […]


XKeyscore: NSA’s Surveillance Program


The former contractor for NSA, Edward Snowden, became famous for revealing PRISM, a confidential mass surveillance program run by the U.S. agencies to eavesdrop on any electronic media. The […]


Content Spoofing

According to WhiteHat Security’s annual study of about 15,000 websites, 86% had at least one serious hole that hackers could exploit, and content spoofing is one such prevalent vulnerability, […]


Security Threats in Virtual World

What are virtual worlds?

A virtual world is an online world that simulates the real world in which the ‘residents’ can interact. Residents can participate in the creation of a […]


QR Code: USSD attack

The QR code or Quick Response code was originally designed for industrial applications, and has quickly gained popularity in the advertising industry. With the huge popularity and sales in […]



Welcome techies, I am sure that you landed up on this page because the title is the name of a famous superhero.

I am not going to write an article […]


What is behind that QR code?

With the huge popularity in mobile devices like the smartphone and tablets, two dimensional barcodes, or the so-called QR codes are beloved by marketers. QR codes or Quick Response […]


PHP: Build Your Own Mini Port Scanner

We all have used a port scanner some day or the other while performing reconnaissance and information gathering regarding a target host. We listed out various port scanners and […]


Android: WhatsApp chat forensic analysis

We all love messaging and using IMs on our smartphones to stay in touch with our friends and family. We use various mobile apps like WhatsApp to IM without […]