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About the Author:

Scott Behrens (pictured) and Ben Hagen are security researchers for InfoSec Institute and are security consultants with Neohapsis.

Scott Behrens specializes in Web application security, malware analysis and research, and network and endpoint defense. Before joining Neohapsis, Behrens worked as an open-systems architect with a focus on designing systems and networks for financial trading firms. He received both a BS in Network Engineering and an MS in Network Security from DePaul University.

Ben Hagen specializes in application assessments and penetration tests. Hagen also has experience investigating security incidents, monitoring IDS solutions, and developing software, procedures, and policies for effective and robust security monitoring. Ben holds a Masters Degree in Information Assurance and numerous security certifications.

Web Shell Detection Using NeoPI

This article was part of a talk presented at BSidesChicago.
Whats Up With These Pesky Shells?
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