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About the Author:

Ayoub Faouzi, known as Lord Noteworthy, lives in Morocco. He has coded mainly x86 assembly and C. His research primarily mirrors his interests on low level stuff like reverse code engineering, code mutation techniques, malware analysis, as well as x86 assembly language and its concepts. He is the author of "Pas à Pas vers l'Assembleur" and creator of "asmguru" project. He also the co-founder of itsecurity.ma.

X86 Assembly Language, Part 3.2

- Ge! Stop! What’s Segmentation?

Memory segmentation

The 80186 is a faster version of the 8086. It also has a 20-bit address bus and 16-bit data bus, but has an improved […]

Abstract background with binary code.

X86 Assembly Language, Part 3.1

For part 2 of this series, please click here.
Programming in a high-level language does not require a detailed knowledge of the system hardware. Assembly language programmers, however, should have […]

Abstract background with binary code.

X86 Assembly Language, Part 2

Hi Guys, Hi Megabyte, let’s get the ball rolling.

In this chapter, I provide a brief introduction to Assembly language programming tools. This chapter is intended for beginners; therefore, experienced […]

Abstract background with binary code.

x86 Assembly Language, Part 1

As usual, last Friday night I was hanging out with friends, picking up girls in the street and chasing after them. One night, I had a strange feeling just […]


Getting Your Hands Dirty in x86 Assembly Code

For those of you who have been following my eventful career, you already know that this is actually my second published tutorial. Just to bring you up to date, […]