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Alec Waters is a security researcher for InfoSec Institute and a network security specialist working for Dataline Software in the UK. Working with defense and healthcare clients, his focus is on incident response, network forensics and secure infrastructure design.

Eyesight to the Blind – SSL Decryption for Network Monitoring

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SSL and network monitoring aren’t the most compatible of partners – even with the most sophisticated detection infrastructure in the world, you’ll not derive many useful indicators from the […]

The Case of the Great Router Robbery

NEWSFLASH: AnyTown Local News reports this Monday morning that the recent spate of office break-ins has continued with a weekend raid on the downtown branch office of HugeMegaCorp. In […]


SLAAC Attack – 0day Windows Network Interception Configuration Vulnerability


Windows machines compromised by default configuration flaw in IPv6
As anyone who has watched the reimagined Battlestar Galactica will tell you, Sixes are trouble. They are undoubtedly alluring, but […]