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Audi-1 aka dhakkan is freelance security researcher and an IT Security Specialist in Netherlands, with a focus on the areas of Audits, health checks, Risk assessments, penetration testing, incident detection and response. He has been working in this world of internetworks for more than 18+ years. While he was learning to crawl in this field, came across different obstacles and hurdles. His blog http://dummy2dummies.blogspot.com, writeups and video series are contribution and effort to help other dummies like him to understand this computer world in an easy, dumb but logical way."


In the last article of the series, we started to explore the world of SQL injections by discussing different types and using the test bed available at https://github.com/Audi-1/sqli-labs. You […]


What is an SQL Injection? SQL Injections: An Introduction

According to the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), injection attacks are first on the list of the top 10 web vulnerabilities. Diving into these, SQL injections are responsible […]