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arD3n7 works for a leading IT company and is deeply passionate about information security. As a researcher, arD3n7 loves anything and everything related to penetration testing.

GDS Burp API – Part I

In my previous article, I discussed the importance of Python and how we can utilize it to fill the gaps created by commercial scanners, thus improving the quality of […]


Python for Web application security professionals

Python is an open source, interactive, object oriented programming language. It’s very easy to learn and an extremely powerful high level language. It runs on Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac […]


Vulnerability Assessment of SNMP Service – Part 4


This is the fourth article on vulnerability assessment of SNMP service. So far we’ve covered the basics, discovery, and data extraction using various tools from the SNMP Management Information […]


Vulnerability Assessment of SNMP Service – III


This is the third article of this series of articles on vulnerability assessment of SNMP Service. In the previous two articles, we have covered how to set up SNMP […]


Vulnerability Assessment of SNMP Service – II


This is our second article in a series on vulnerability assessment of SNMP Service. In the previous article, we learned how we could set up a SNMP Service on […]


Vulnerability Assessment of SNMP Service – I


This is the first article out of a series of articles that I am planning to write on vulnerability assessment of SNMP Service. SNMP – also known as Simple […]

Running Metasploitable2 on VirtualBox

Running Metasploitable2 on VirtualBox


Metasploitable is a Linux-based vulnerable virtual machine. It is designed especially for people interested in learning system exploitation. Rapid7 maintains Metasploitable and this virtual machine is downloadable from their […]


Embedding Security in Procurement Process & Vendor Contracts – Part 2


In the previous article, we’ve covered how to implement security in procurement process and vendor contracts. There are 3 different aspects to managing vendors:

Product procurement
Product support

We have covered Product […]


Embedding Security in Procurement Process and Vendor Contracts


Every organization has a procurement process. Some of the software products acquired by an organization are COTS (Commercial off The Shelf) Solutions. These products are not built or developed […]


An Introduction to Data Masking


Dealing with Production Data is a challenge, but most organizations around the world have safeguards in place which secure the production environment properly.However,when it comes to non-production environments like […]


Building Security in Requirements


Every software application or product is developed based on business expectations. If we want to build a secure product or application, it is inevitable that we ensure that THE […]


Exception Management


An organization is a complex structure. We can set up frameworks, lay out processes and chart our policies and procedures to be followed; however, in practice it is impossible […]


Introduction to Application Risk Rating & Assessment


Understanding today’s threat landscape and looking at the pace with which organizations are adopting secure development practices, there seems to be a huge gap and it will take a […]


Implementing Secure SDLC – Part 4


So far we have covered all the necessary information regarding what is Secure SDLC and strategically how to go about implementing it. Detailed information regarding business functions & security […]


Implementing Secure Software Development Program – Part 3


In the previous parts we covered the approach for implementing Secure SDLC (S-SDLC) and Gap Analysis. In this part we are going to cover Road Map Design and Implementation.

Intended […]


Implementing Secure Software Development Program – Part 2


This is the third article on Secure SDLC (S-SDLC) and the second on the implementation of Secure SDLC. So far we have covered an Introduction of S-SDLC and Overview […]


Implementing Secure Software Development Program


This article follows my earlier one: “Secure Software Development Life Cycle” (from now on referenced as S-SDLC), being one Implementation of the S-SDLC program. I have covered the basics […]


Introduction to Secure Software Development Life Cycle


The objective of this article is to introduce the user to Secure Software Development Life Cycle (will now on be referenced to as S-SDLC). There are multiple reasons why […]


Introduction to Blackberry Balance Technology

Blackberry is known for its email and security rather than a company which produces fancy mobile phones. This is one of the reasons why Blackberry is preferred as a […]


Security Assessment of Blackberry Applications:

Development of mobile applications have picked up really fast in the last couple of years. Much has been written about the security assessment of iOS & Android applications, however […]