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About the Author:

Azim Poonawala is a security researcher for InfoSec Institute. He is the Founder of Closed Circuit Corporate Clandestine [C4] (http://www.c-4.in) and holds a Masters in Information Technology.

He has has worked for companies like Hewlett Packard, Mahindra and Mahindra, the Bombay Stock Exchange, Perimeter USA and clients from the U.S. financial industry to the U.S. Government and has extensive experience in strengthening and breaking systems.

Poonawala is the source craftsman of the winAUTOPWN exploit framework and the FBController. He specializes in covert red team network penetration, cyber-attacks and development of custom code aimed at special objectives. In addition, he crafts tools contributing to the industry via his blog Moving Towards Normality (http://my.opera.com/quakerdoomer) and his website (http://solidmecca.co.nr).

The Enderground: The Last Meeting – Chapter One

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Attacking the Phishers: An Autopsy on Compromised Phishing Websites

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Automated Vulnerability Testing with winAUTOPWN


What is winAUTOPWN?
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