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Aparajit i has worked in IT Security for more than 10 years with varied experience. Finding newer methods for detection of malware is a passion. Spare time is reserved for tracking botnets, CnC servers and writing articles for Infosec. Contact via Twitter : @iaparajit


When I started working on NodeJS, I had no prior experience nor knowledge about NodeJS nor about Javascript. It was kind of a painful journey, considering the fact that […]

Portable Malware Lab for Beginners – Part 2

In the previous article, “Portable Malware Lab for Beginners,” I spoke about nested virtual machines, i.e., deploying a virtual machine with QEMU and Cuckoo. This acts as a base […]

Portable Malware Lab

Portable Malware Lab for Beginners

With the ever increasing cases of malware, many of the youngsters are switching over to analyzing malwares and its various aspects. A simple search in Google will give you […]


Hide your Online Identity with Whonix

Going through Infosec articles provides us with useful insights into today’s real world scenarios. This article can be treated as an extension of the previously published

“Can you really be […]


Common Myths about SQLi, Busted

Before going ahead with the topic of SQL injection, let us first take a look into the construct of a web-based application.
Most websites have an inseparabe relationship with a […]