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Andrew Sandoval has been developing software since before his first application was purchased when he was a 6th-grade elementary school student in 1983. Over the last decade his focus has been on code injection and hooking techniques and reverse engineering primarily for use in commercial software products on multiple platforms. Included in his list of accomplishments is his Reverse Engineering Extension for WinDBG, which aids in reverse engineering, security, and vulnerability research on the Windows platform via the debugger. It is available at http://www.revengx.com/.

Testing Hooks via the Windows Debugger – An Introduction to RevEngX

RevEngX is a freely available extension for the Debugging Tools for Windows. It offers several new commands to simplify the work of reverse engineering, code injection, hooking and other […]

code tunnel

Exceptions In Injected Code

Injection and API Hooking – When you don’t know enough to know that you are getting it wrong…

Code Injection and API hooking techniques are gaining in popularity. Whether they […]