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About the Author:

Albert has five years experience in the information security field, encompassing SIEM, malware analysis, investigating security incidents, ISO 27001 audits and hardening of various devices. He has also carried out rule-based auditing for firewall forensics as well as PCI dss audits.

Information Security Policies

Organisations are giving more priority to development of information security policies, as protecting their assets is one of the prominent things that needs to be considered. Lack of clarity […]



Released in September 2013, CryptoLocker is a ransomware program that targets all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. This trojan encrypts almost […]


DNS Tunnelling

You all know what DNS is, and I don’t think any more information is needed on it. Our Internet world exists due to DNS technology, and exploiting DNS can […]


Hunting Shylock

Malware analysis is not a new topic for security analysts, and all engineers are pretty aware of the process and procedures that need to be followed, which are neatly […]


ICMP Attacks

ICMP stands for Internet Control Message Protocol and is the most used protocol in networking technology. A connectionless protocol, ICMP does not use any port number and works in […]


Limiting Automated Access

Automated tools are used to carry out many security attacks to online services. There are different protection mechanisms to narrow down such attacks and one such mechanism is the […]


Reinventing Threat Intelligence

Effective threat intelligence is one major service that most companies offer to alert about the latest threats. Threat intelligence alerts about the latest threats, vulnerabilities, malware attributes, malicious IPs, […]


Hunting Malwares

Every organization is keener in investing in security because they don’t want to lose their entire assets by negligence. Most organizations have information security officers who implement policies, model […]


Forensic Investigation on Windows Machines

Digital forensics is the process of identifying and collecting digital evidence from any medium, while preserving its integrity for examination and reporting. It can be defined as the discipline […]


Hijacking Clicks


Clickjacking or the UI redress attack is a relatively new type of malicious attack that targets mainly web applications. It works by superimposing a webpage over another existing web […]


Banking Frauds of 2013


Technology has changed the way that we work and operate; the flood of advances that we see daily are mind-boggling in their variety and quantity. While technological advances are […]


Risk Associated with Cookies



The Internet is surely the best resource to gather any kind of information about products, shops, customer complaints, user experience, etc. Companies are trying to attract users’ browsing interest […]


Tunnelling SSH Traffic



Security plays an important role in our internet world. As the number of users on the internet increases, it’s necessary to have secure communication between the sender and the […]


Battling with Cyber Warriors- Exploit Kits


In today’s environment of highly interconnected system necessities, bringing down a system may cause a catastrophic damage to an individual in many ways. Hackers are frequent in the market, […]


BEAST vs. CRIME Attack

Some months ago there was a top story popping up in almost all the security news feeds about CRIME attacks being able to break SSL. In this article, I […]


Hesperbot: An Atrocious Banking Trojan


Last month, a newly effective banking trojan has been discovered, targeting online banking users. This malware uses very reliable looking link addresses or domains which are related to trusted […]


Peeping the Social media

1. Synopsis

Nowadays it is hard to find a person who doesn’t sign in to any social medium at least once a week by using gadgets like a smartphone, tablet, […]


The Hunt for Memory Malware

Memory forensic is a skill to find out all the artefacts in the memory that is present in the running computer. It is an interesting method to find out […]


Anatomy of BIOS Security


Computer security has become much harder to manage in recent years, and this is due to the fact that attackers continuously come up with new and more effective ways […]