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Adrian Stolarski is a freelance security tech blogger, specializing in Java, PHP, and JQuery. In his own words, he does the hard work of training the unemployed. Currently, he handles Evaluation Visualization for real-time systems with XWT and Eclipse RAP. If he sees that something works, he asks how it works and why it works, then sets out to make it work better. A researcher for InfoSec Institute, he currently lives in Poland, but plans to move to London.

Human Resource Management in Agile – Part 1

Human Resource Management in Agile – Part 1

I think we all have been behind projects that were not successful. They can be both our own projects and projects for […]


Who’s Who in the World of Agile?

In the article The Evolution of a Technical Information Professional Keatron wrote about the development of each of us in information security is impossible to disagree with in that […]


A Review of Selected Cryptographic Libraries

Cryptography is the science that deals with the problems of concealing information by encrypting it, and contains the set of methods for achieving such secrecy. With cryptography, we can […]


Can We Have a Safe Election via the Internet?

In connection with the upcoming USA presidential elections in 2012, I would like to discuss holding the election via the Internet and the risks associated with it. This is […]


Risk Management in Agile

In this article, we will explore the business concerns of Agile methodologies in project management. Recently, I read an article by Chris Matts and Olav Maasen discussing the challenges […]


Marketing and Product Development in Agile

After writing a recent article on the rapid introduction to Agile, I got an amazing response from readers, so the publisher and I decided to expand on the theme. […]


Lifehacking – What It Really Is

Two things made me write this article. The first was a conversation with a friend of mine, Luigi (Thanks Luigi!) The second was a conversation I had with a […]


Agile Methodology—How Does it Bite?

This article will provide readers with an introduction to the statistical and dynamic analysis of code. However, before proceeding to analysis, we must first understand the concept of agile […]


Social Engineering 2—What Do We Have To Watch?

In my previous article we focused on providing an introduction to social engineering. For the purposes of this article, I want readers to consider the words of Albert Einstein […]


Social Engineering – We Start Playing

If hacking is known as entering a computer system through a breach of security, social engineering can be referred to as an intrusion into the mind. That really is […]


Physical Access Control

How many managers think that it makes no sense to spend money protecting information that can be reconstructed? What can really happen? Theoretically, anything and everything from the abuse […]