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Adrian Birsan is a freelance web developer and pentester. Says he: "Technology has always been something which captivates me; I like computer security and software development. I am a pentester on my free time and also own a blog where I post useful information. I am a big supporter of Freedom of Speech and ... I play the guitar \m/ " His blog can be found at http://softpill.eu/

Owned by Chrome – Security Issues with Browser Extensions

1. Introduction

We are living in an age defined by SPEED. We look always for shortcuts, faster ways, and faster solutions in order to save our time. Supposing most of […]


Rootkits On Your Smartphone

While security of mobile operating systems is one of the most researched topics today, exploiting and rootkitting ARM-based devices gets more and more interesting. This article will focus on […]


Facebook Technologies

As in any other field, for a win, we should take a look at the successful stories and case studies around us. In this article I would like to […]


The Liberty Reserve Scandal

In this article, we examine the Liberty Reserve money-laundering scandal—a phony story and video as well (it was about another theme, not Budovsky).

A Few words about the incident:

“Arthur […]


Hacking MYBB with CSRF

1) Some theory

I chose an admin-panel plugin, meaning, normally, only the admin will be able to access its functionalities. This is why the exploitation of the vulnerability is quite […]


“Frictionless Sharing”: Browser History Leaked into the Cloud

I don’t want this article to be alarming, and its purpose is not to make you deactivate / delete your Facebook account or make you stop all your social […]


Allow Me To Save You Some Time: Some Useful Shortcuts

We aren’t machines, we are not supposed to keep everything inside of our heads; that means we often forget things, that’s why we need to better organize the things […]



In this article you will find useful information about SSL, Certificates Chaining and the best tricks about defeating SSL (with SSL Sniff, SSL Strip, BEAST, THC-SSL-DOS).

What Is SSL […]