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Monthly Archives: March 2012

SQL Injection through HTTP Headers

During vulnerability assessment or penetration testing, identifying the input vectors of the target application is a primordial step. Sometimes, when dealing with Web application testing, verification routines related to SQL injection flaws discovery are restricted to the GET and POST variables as the unique inputs vectors ever. What about […]

Mexican Drug Cartels and Cyberspace: Opportunity and Threat

1) Mexican Drug Gangs Kidnap Computer Hackers and Programmers

Mexican drug trafficking organizations are increasingly demonstrating a desire to make money from cyber-crime, attracted by the high profits and minimal risks, offered by such activities as fraud, theft, and piracy.
These gangs lack the needed technical know-how within their ranks, which […]

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CISO Interview Series – Michael Peters

Profile Subject: Michael Peters

Michael Peters has been an independent information security consultant, executive, researcher and author, with more than 25 years of information technology and business leadership experience. His executive positions include Chief Information Security Officer CISO at CrossView Inc. (current), as well as previous positions of CSO at […]

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    DarkComet Analysis – Understanding the Trojan used in Syrian Uprising

DarkComet Analysis – Understanding the Trojan used in Syrian Uprising

DarkComet used in Syrian Conflict?
On February 17th the CNN published an interesting article, where some Syrian’s regime opponents claimed that the government was using a Trojan to monitor and disrupt the protestor’s network. Apparently the regime has been using a well-known social engineering technique: impersonate a trusted person then […]

Jynx2 Sneak Peek & Analysis

Jynx2 is the second installment in the LD_Preload Jynx Rootkit series first released October 19, 2011 at blackhatacademy.org. See references for earlier versions and additional information.

Hooks accept() for socket connections
Multi-factor authentication
Suid Privesc Drop
Process hiding
File hiding

Strace log | Pcap log

C’s accept() function is the function used when a socket connection is received and […]

Security Dangers of Web Management Interfaces

Web based interfaces are convenient for managing networking equipment, but under no circumstances should these be open to the world and the internet. Many networks alarmingly have their firewall, gateway, and other device management pages open to the world. This is a huge security concern as the web management […]

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    w3af walkthrough and tutorial part 2 – Discovery and Audit plugins

w3af walkthrough and tutorial part 2 – Discovery and Audit plugins

In the previous article w3af walkthrough and tutorial Part 1 we looked at how to use the w3af console. We also learnt about the different plugins in w3af and how they interact with each other to perform various tasks. In this article we will look at how to use […]

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    Book Excerpt: Practical Malware Analysis – The Hands-on Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software

Book Excerpt: Practical Malware Analysis – The Hands-on Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software

Another excellent publisher has offered up a generous sample of a book we’ve been talking about. This is Chapter 12 from Practical Malware Analysis – The Hands-on Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software. As usual, if you like this, go buy the full book and tell them how much you enjoyed […]

Cookie-based SQL Injection

In this paper we will talk about a non-common vector of SQL injections.

Did you say a “Cookie” ?
A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is used for an origin website to send state information to a user’s browser and for the browser to […]

Pivoting from the age old ARP attack

Translating layer 2 local addresses to layer 3 globally routable addresses is the sole responsibility of the Address Resolution Protocol. ARP spoofing is a fun way to mess with your room mates, get an A in a security class at your local college, impress your tech savvy boss, take […]

Abusing Social Networking Sites to Perform Content Forgery

Web Application vulnerabilities in social networking sites are very common these days. In this article, we will discuss a vulnerability found in social networking sites which make it possible to spoof the content shown to the user.

Basically, whenever someone wants to share, post or send a link on Facebook […]

W3af walkthrough and tutorial – Part 1

w3af (Web Application audit and attack framework) is a framework for auditing and exploitation of web applications. In this series of articles we will be looking at almost all the features that w3af has to offer and discuss how to use them for Web application Penetration testing. In the […]